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The AkuShaper Software

Inspiring a new generation of shapers.

Design from a Shaper's Perspective

Focus on the board, not the complexity of the tool.

Unlike other 3D and CAD / CAM software tools AkuShaper is designed solely from a board designer's perspective.

Intuitive 2D layouts of the deck outline, top and bottom look as a surfer would expect when inspecting his own board. Every element of the design is customized through the use of bezier curves: fluid continuous lines controlled through 3 control points each that match exactly the contours of your board. In AkuShaper the center control point is blue. The controlling tangents are yellow and red. Each point has an option to disconnect the flow at the blue point for sharper corners and edges.

The 3 Dimensional aspect of the board is defined by a small number of sections called a slice: the paper thin border between sections. The slice view is critical in creating concave, double concaves, vees, and the very important rail profile. AkuShaper automatically blends the shape of the board between the slices. The general rule is to use as many slices as you need but no more.

With these design tools nearly every board shape can be created. However, both professional designs and inventive surfers who want to push the edge have demanded more. Every design page comes with complete analytics on volume, center of mass, width, thickness and rocker measurements calculated continuously through the board just by moving the mouse.

Every aspect of cutting the board is controlled and preserved as well as including choice of blank, number of top and bottom cuts, rail cuts, rail definition, double stringer cuts, speed controls and many other options.

AkuShaper gives both the board designer and surfer the ability to work together and make isolated changes to specific parts (or aspects) of the board while leaving all other variables unchanged. The sub-milimeter accuracy of the cut from the AkuShaper machine is what makes this process possible. This is critical to the furtherment of research and innovation in board design.

Outline Editor

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Dynamic zooming
and visual control

Mouse over provides
dimensions at any point
on the board

Position fins

Slice location on
outline view

Change the board length
and slices, rockers and
thickness all
adjust automatically

Detailed measurements
on all aspects of board
design and scaling

Panels offer four 2D and
3D design panel
perspectives, cutting
instructions and board notes

Ghost board comparisons
to any board

Manipulate points to change board outline

Interactive measurements
along board from nose to tail

Precision control for
every design element

Guides lock in
critical control points

Control measurements in imperial,
metric and fractional units

Interactive help prompts
guidance as you design

Dynamic volume measurements
provided in liters and beers

Slice Editor

Slice editor a67f44c4aa04d9b3245eaa2351f23354b0262bba4271c51cb070135884525bf4

No limit on
the number of slices

Dynamic thickness
calculations at every
part of the slice and
throughout the board

No limit to number
of control points

Rail line guides provide
precision placement

Group selection enables
movement of all rail points

Deck and Rocker Editor

Deck and rocker editor c85d2ff916f205dc92f12b8f7401b257459a5a6d6f8a3c748bc91816630a0043

Adjust all tail and nose
rocker control points
with a single click

Control design from
mouse, numeric entry
or arrow keys

3D Bay Visualizer

Bay visualizer 05af24071c2d7a3f37c5a6d36092257fe3d92c4a40569d11f18e0dd795f67b06

Multiple views available
including cutting paths
wireframe and solid

Control your view
of the board from
any angle

Slide the board
as if you were moving
along the board at
eye level in the bay

Control light
intensity and height
to refine your view

Cuts Editor

Cuts editor 02506cffab0ac96001c0ad7f9992df0831c3253d45eb9d0c5f9dcdd798095ec1

Cutting paths are
determined automatically
but can include manual

Cut stringer
in multiple passes
or arrow keys

Cut fully finished
bottom rails

Machine Control

Machine control 7ea75bb3ef089799290a52030dee294cb2b2f9e3954ebfbafd07e2d9338a3fb6

Precise control on
alignment of blank
with machine

Easily switch between
multiple MMS profiles

The same board may
have multiple cutting files

Board Metadata

Board metadata aaf32b6c45dcc7821fa14f309ec183641c95f6d1cdf3ef16e6d3ba45d48956d1

Board Manager

Board manager 787264bf44da71b186d5694050defdad5ee7941a701709027b4c9f30c53fd7b0


Subscription Plans



$9 / month

The backyarder is our basic plan that lets you design and save surfboards.

  • Open, edit, and save boards
  • Print PDFs to send to friends/customers
  • Look things over in the 3D shaping bay
  • Get cuts from your local factory

Up and Comer

$23 / month

The up-and-comer plan adds in a number of powerful design, analytical, automation, and organization features.

  • Automated scaling / rocker adjustments tools to manage your growing collection of designs
  • PDF format of outlines, rocker and slices for easy printing
  • Width and thickness measurements at the foot marks
  • Thickness measurements on the rails
  • View volume distribution
  • Board Manager for easy file management
  • Import boards from Shape3DX (.s3dx, .s3d) and DSD (.srf)


$45 / month

The heavyweight plan includes everything in the up-and-comer plan and also allows you to:

  • Export your designs in OBJ format
  • Secure your designs with BRX, our password protected file format
  • Preview cutting paths within AkuShaper software to identify cutting issues without having to waste a blank

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