Aku Shaper The World's Premier Surfboard Shaping Suite

Nearly half a million boards are produced each year on AKU Shaper. It's an integrated software and hardware surfboard shaping package, battle tested daily by top shapers across the globe.

Learn more about the machine and read the FAQ to catch up on what's new at AKU Shaper.

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Congratulations on the new program, loving it! Nigel Annesley

just the right amount of little tweaks and improvements. but still the familiar interface that we all love.. the new bay is incredible. love the info available on "slice area profile", And the rail thicknesses at 1/2, 1, 2 inches are something i been dreaming of for a while too! aku just got better..love it Brad Buckle

What is this.... And why don't I have it?????? Matt Biolos

So stoked on the service and the quick response Michi Schweiger

...i cant say enough good about you guys and the service and support we all get with our machines etc.. and the fact that you listen and respond to us out here in factory-land is just amazing...the new software is a dream, and i love working on it everyday. Brad Buckle (yeah, he likes us)

I really cannot stress how stoked I am to be using AKU Shaper software. Cory Surfboards

The Machine

Smooth Reliable Operation

The AKU Shaper machine has been thoroughly battle tested with over 80 machines in operation around the globe. The machine oils itself and very little maintenance is required.

"We've been running the machine for the last 4 years 24 hours a day without problems." — OSIA

Custom Cuts or Bulk Production

Whether you need to cut a one off or do a production run, the simple loading and alignment system speeds up production and minimizes operator errors.

The newly introduced Automated Actuators produce extremely accurate rockers and thickness without comprising speed.

Unique Cutter Design

The AKU Shaper's unique cutter design allows it to wrap around the blank, cutting damn near perfect rails that require minimal work to finish.

Designed and Built by Mike Rickard in Australia

The AKU Shaper machine is available in multiple lengths. Email us if you're interested in purchasing a machine or just want to learn more.

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The Software

Intuitive Surfboard Design

AKU Shaper software empowers users to design surfboards from a shaper's perspective, letting you to focus on the design of the surfboard instead of the complexity of the tool.

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

AKU Shaper is now available as a native EXE for Windows users and a DMG for Mac users. Don't worry Linux users, you can run AKU Shaper too!

Windows Apple Linux

Version Rollback

As much as we try to test new features before releasing them, it's always possible that an update may introduce new bugs. Now you can update with confidence knowing that you can always rollback to previous versions of AKU Shaper if needed.

Developed by Ralph and Jimmy Freese on Oahu (with a little help from some dudes in San Diego).