The AkuShaper Machine

Battle tested daily around the globe.

AkuShaper Machines starting at $38,000 USD.

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Premium Quality

AkuShaper is the only CNC system made exclusively for shaping boards with premium-quality components fabricated in-house: no outsourcing, no piecemeal combinations.

Every stage of the design and fabrication process is aimed at producing a system that is built to last, easy to maintain and minimizes operator error. The result is a pedigree that no other system on the market can match. It is battle tested daily with over 80 machines in operation around the globe.


Unique Cutter Design

Reverses Direction for Each Side of the Board

AkuShaper's unique cutter is the most effective technique for cutting boards. Pioneered by AkuShaper, the cutter allows it to reach 140˚ around the blank, cutting perfect rails.

Unlike any other CNC system our cutter reverses direction, providing a perfectly symmetrical cut. This approach also prevents board burn and increases the accuracy of the cut. We don't leave burnt ridges on boards, which occurs frequently with expanded polystyrene (EPS). Because we reverse direction the hot melt on EPS is buzzed away.

AkuShaper is the only surfboard shaping machine that has this feature.

Self-lubricating System

Reduces Maintenance and Increases Productivity

Manually lubricated machines will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour each day to grease depending on the number of boards being cut. This is a frequently neglected requirement of running other systems and a common source of failure.

With 14 points of lubrication on the machine AkuShaper takes a comprehensive approach to daily use and maintenance. The automatic system ensures that operators are free to load boards and other profitable tasks. This holistic approach also ensures a long lifetime of the system.


Accurate and Rapid Alignment

Time Between Boards Measured in Seconds

AkuShaper is the best in the industry at accurate and rapid alignment of notoriously imperfect blanks. A number of features work in tandem to ensure that the time between boards, regardless of board length, is mere seconds. These include:

  • Padded vacuum swivel cups comply with the inaccuracies of the blank
  • Laser guides provide dead-on accuracy in the alignment system
  • Alignment system is designed to provide perfect alignment from top-to-bottom cuts, eliminating the problems with aligning imperfect blanks.
  • Linear track pin markers, auto datum, indicate center of the blank
  • Balance arm and holding system makes it easier to work with blanks that aren't symmetrical.
  • The board holding system consists of only the highest quality components. No compromises are made in design.

Quality Components

Auto-Rocker Digital Linear Actuators


Vibration-Proof Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Frame


Premium Quality Fully Closed-Loop Servo


The Complete Package

Here's what you get with each machine installation:

  • A fully-tested AkuShaper machine manufactured in Australia
  • AkuShaper Design and CNC Software
  • 3-axis Controller with AC servo motors
  • Speed adjustable 5.4 Kw Brushless AC spindle motor
  • Fully functional Computer loaded with required software
  • 100x50 RHS Welded construction
  • Auto Oiling to all axis
  • Packaging and loading onto truck
  • Onsite installation of machine
  • Commission onsite
  • Operator training
  • Two off maintenance and operations manuals
  • Spare parts package

Computer Included

A fully loaded high-end graphics computer is included in every purchase.

Installation includes cutting software and testing in conjunction with the machine.

Training is performed with the computer that stays with the system.

Installation and Training

Each installation performed on your site by Mike Rickard personally. He makes sure the installation is performed to the highest international quality standards.

We ensure that your installation complies with required local and national inspection agency and building codes.

Training is 7 day total: 3 days machine installation, 4 days training. Training is on the machine that's been installed at your site.

A spare parts kit is provided with every machine.

Service and Warranty

Limited Warranty is 12 months and includes parts, quality of construction, design, and workmanship.

Service is included with purchase for the first 12 months. We provide tech support and software updates by email, Skype, and remote-access software.

Delivery time is generally 6-8 weeks depending on conditions and requirements.


The AkuShaper machine is available in multiple lengths.

Email us to inquire about purchasing a machine.

Or visit the locations page to find a machine near you.